What's your name, boy?
Hugo Cabret.

A memory from his past...
Who built him?
I would think a magician, and the most complicated one I've ever seen.
Can we fix him?
Of course we can fix him.

A mysterious connection...
Where did you get this? I need it to fix something.
This is marvelous!
...a secret...
What is that?
I think it's a message from my father.
Why would my key fit into your father's machine?
...to finding his way home...
This is a treacherous place - do you understand?

Watch your step.
We could get into trouble.
That's how you know it's an adventure.
You've been trying to forget the past for so long.
Maybe it's time to try and remember.
The story's not over yet.
This Thanksgiving, Academy Award Winning director Martin Scorsese...
...invites you on an incredible journey.
Stop that child! After him!

Once upon a time, I met a boy, named Hugo Cabret.
He searched to find a secret message.
I need to know what this means.
Now that message is his way.
All the way home.